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approved cleaning agent that is biodegradable 2019-12-05

You already know that fabrics made with merino wool have superior softness, but did you know that by purchasing organic merino wool, you are buying the best wool found anywhere in the world.Does it Matter to the Sheep?Merino wool that is certified organic means that the wool was grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Sheep need to be fed and watered, and organic grown merino wool farmers ensure that their sheep have no contact with any harmful chemicals or additives to their diet or to their habitat.This means the organic merino wool sheep farmer has to prove to the agency in charge that they are managing their holdings with the environment as well as the sheep in mind. They cant spray for weeds wherever the sheep may graze, and the water supply must be pristine. There are stringent regulations that must be followed in order for merino wool to be certified as organic.How is the Wool Different?

Another added bonus to using certified organic merino wool is that the yarn has not been wool yarn suppliers treated with any chemicals throughout the entire production process, from the farm to the shops. When the greasy wool must be cleaned or scoured, it must be done in an approved cleaning agent that is biodegradable. It is then taken to a certified organic mill where it is spun and carded. The certified organic merino wool is always kept separate from other wool in order to keep its purity.Benefits of Knitwear that has been Certified OrganicThe first benefit to the wearer of certified organic merino wool is that little or no harm has been done to the environment. The carbon footprint that the production of organic merino wool leaves is small and using more products that have a low impact on the environment should always be a concern of the consumer.

Those who suffer with allergies or skin conditions will appreciate the purity of a certified organic wool mixed yarn merino wool product. Those who have been uncomfortable wearing other types of fabrics will breathe easier as will their skin when they are wrapped in certified organic merino wool.The Natural Choice for Your WardrobeCertified organic merino wool is not only environmentally friendly; it is heads above other fabrics when it comes to insulation and durability. It is naturally fire resistant and repels water as it absorbs moisture. Organic merino wool is soft, natural and safe for babies delicate skin. Blankets are plush and warm and socks are thick and absorbent.Why Is Organic Merino Wool So Expensive?

Having your merino wool certified as organic is not an easy endeavor. There are many special considerations and rules and regulations that must be met. It is not cheap to produce organic goods as production is typically done on a much smaller scale and livestock health must be a number one priority as is the diet they are fed. There are regulations regarding the food that the sheep can eat as well. Caring for the pastureland that sheep graze on cant be done with any type of toxic chemicals or pesticides. Bringing the high quality of certified organic merino wool to the consumer can be costly but the end result is well worth it.

productivity which can be achieved 2019-11-28

Image courtesy: DTG 2013The 10th Dhaka Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG 2013) was inaugurated on January 31, 2013 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center with 850 exhibitors amid much cultural fanfare and traditional Bangla drum beats in Dhaka.Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) and Chan Chao International and Yorkers Trade International have organized the four-day fair which has around 850 local and global exhibitors from 31 countries.

Mr Kazi Akram Uddin Ahmad, President of the Federation of China Angora Mixed Yarn Suppliers Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and the Chief Guest of the inaugural session cut the ribbon and opened the show for visitors.In his speech, Mr Ahmad elaborated the potential of the textile and clothing industry in the country and need for fresh investment to steer the sector towards the next level of growth.

He expressed hope that the garment sector will be able to earn $35 to $40 billion by 2020, which can be made possible only and only by increasing productivity which can be achieved by only upgrading technology.The function was attended by the whoWoollen Yarn Suppliers39;s who of the local textile manufacturing industry and exhibitors and visitors from across the globe.BTMA President Mr Jahangir Alamin said, quot.

DTG 2013 has created a solid position among global trade fairs on textile machineries and accessories in South Asia and South-East Asia.He compared DTG # 2013 to a mini-ITMA. He invited the local industry to visit the show and get acquainted with the latest developments in textile and clothing technology. Fibre2fashion the biggest global B2B textile, apparel and fashion portal is also participating at DTG 2013 at stall no ndash.

specifically developed to assist brands 2019-11-21

Color Solutions International announced that it is partnering with IDEAS Active Sports Design Network to specify CSI colors on seasonal trend forecasts from IDEAS. The trend colors are selected from CSIrsquo;s 4,000 ColorWallTM colors, which are formulated with production ready recipes based on globally available dyes from DyStar. As an added benefit, DyStarrsquo;s dyes have the highest ecological commitment (Econfidence) in the textile industry.The partnership will increase the speed of the seasonal palette development process for Brands and Retailers and improve color accuracy and consistency from design to garment. ldquo;The new partnership with Ideas demonstrates how color forecasters and color standard providers can work together to deliver added value to their customer base; commented Ron Pedemonte, DyStar Textile Services Global Manager.

The IDEAS color forecast aims specifically at the international sports market. A unique forecast two years ahead of the season ndash; made by sports design professionals for the sports industry. ldquo;IDEAS strives constantly to improve the service for its customers, therefore the new partnership with DyStar is a perfect expansion; stated Polyester Film Fiber Yarn Manufacturers Nora Kuehner, Secretary General of IDEAS Active Sports Design Network.About Color Solutions InternationalColor Solutions International, a division of DyStar, provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services. Starting with the first design inspiration, through color selection China Woollen Yarn Manufacturers and then to the final product in the store, CSIrsquo;s expert staff provides fast, efficient and accurate process to respond quickly and effectively to todayrsquo;s retail market.

CSI is part of DyStar Textile Services (DTS) that, in addition, offers textile and ecology testing through Texanlab and ecology and environmental solutions and advice through its Ecology Solutions team. DTS also provides Sustainable Textile Service programs which are specifically developed to assist brands and retailers and their industry partners audit their supply chain and recommend RSL compliant sustainable solutions for improvement.

IDEAS Active Sports Design Network was founded in 1996. Offering design services to an industry which has started acting global very early, the founders of the association felt the need to establish a business platform and show-case for professionally qualified sports-related apparel, product and graphic designers. It is also a main purpose of IDEAS to obtain wider recognition of high-quality sports fashion and product design. Therefore membership to IDEAS is very selective and only experienced freelance working design studios are welcome. 

organize seminars and business trips 2019-11-14

Taiwanese products, including textiles, will use Mexico as gateway to increase its exports to the US, to reduce the negative impact of the South Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA), the countryrsquo;s trade promotion body has said.Similarly, Turkey would act as a gateway for boosting Taiwanese exports, including textiles, to the EU, in view of the South Korea-EU FTA, according to Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

In textiles, Taiwan and South Korea produce similar products and hence both the countries vie for greater share in the US and the EU markets.But the implementation of South Korea-EU FTA in July 2011, China Woollen Yarn Manufacturers followed by South Korea-US FTA in March 2012, has provided an advantage to South Korean products vis-agrave;-vis Taiwanese goods.The FTAs allow South Korea to export its goods, including textiles, to the US and the EU at zero or at lower tariff rates.

The Industrial Development Bureau estimates that Taiwanese textile companies could lose around US$ 60 million in business to Korean competitors due to South Korea-US FTA.A recent document released by TAITRA said it will set up business centres in Mexico City and Istanbul, and also organize seminars and business trips to the two countries to boost trade ties.The document said Mexico and Turkey enjoy zero tariffs on exports to the US and the EU respectively, and Taiwan prefers to export its goods first to these countries and then re-route them to the US and the EU.

Taiwanese products can benefit from the duty-free entry from Turkey to Europe and from Mexico to the US, Mr. Simon Wang, executive director of TAITRAWholesale Polyester Film Fiber Yarn Suppliers39;s Market Development Department, told CNA.TAITRA said besides Mexico and Turkey, Taiwan will continue to focus on emerging # markets as they are expected to drive the global economy in 2013.

course of the morning but the average 2019-11-07

No sale has been scheduled for next week.The average clean prices for the different categories good top-making (MF5), long fleeces were as follows: 18 microns shed 0.5 microns dropped 1. Capewools.6 against the euro. Major buyers were Lempriere SA (1810 bales), Modiano SA (1682 bales) and Stucken amp; Co (1308 bales).1 to close at R111.96, the rand had gained.

The softer market is attributed to resistance from some clients against the current high prices. microns dropped 2.62/kg, 20 microns weakened 1.6 to R114. Prices were down across the board with the broader types falling the most.8 cheaper at R110.07/kg, 19.5 to R111.20/kg, 18.The offering comprised 6525 bales of which 99 were sold.

The rand was erratic in the course of the morning but the average rate against the US dollar was R8,83, which is up 2 on last weekrsquo;s average rate, while the at R11.52/kg, 20.3 to R111.5 microns were 2.22/kg (clean).52/kg, and 22 microns shed 2. Sales will resume on 20 February when approximately 13 000 bales will be Semi-Worsted Yarn Manufacturers offered.5 microns were down 0.

Wool prices were softer at this China Wholesale Cashmere Yarn Manufacturers weekrsquo;s sale after reaching record highs last week and the Cape Wools Merino indicator dropped 2.56/kg, 19 microns were 2.Although prices are down, the indicator is still 9 above last yearrsquo.

tops and furry collared capes in shades 2019-10-30

Classy, timeless, evergreen ladylike creations, which never cease to entice women of all ages and generations, were the flavour of the final day China Coarse Spinning Yarns Manufacturers of London Fashion Week (LFW), which was wrapped up by a series of talented designers presenting a variety of avant-garde collections.Dublin-born designer of mixed origins Simone Rocha drew inspiration from China Woollen Yarn Suppliers the dressing styles of her.

Irish granny Margaret Gleeson and Chinese grandmother Cecilia Rocha to create her latest Autumn/Winter 2013 line. Rekindling nostalgia with a fresher touch, the bubble gum and powdery pink collection featured elegant veils, dropped waist dresses, apron-styled skirts, white shirts with lemon hued collars and cap sleeved cropped tops.Belgrade-born Roksanda Ilincic painted a ghostly scene by taking inspirations from the fairy tales of haunted girls and virginal brides in her show at LFW.

Showcasing furs, treated lace, PVC and neoprene materials in abundance, the bewitching range included firm and lustrous overcoats, full skirts, strapless tops and furry collared capes in shades of sweet pink, brown, nude and neon.Indian designer Ashish Gupta featured a streetwear influenced collection enriched with sequins, checks and houndrsquo;s-tooth patterns. The glamorous line included slip dresses, sparkling blanket ponchos, sweatshirts, floor-length gowns and slouchy trousers in a muted palette of grey, brown, monochromes along with occasional dashes of orange and yellow.

Gothic architectural structures dominated Chinese designer Haizhen Wangrsquo;s collection which capped off the final day of LFW. The 2012 fashion fringe winner brought the curtain down with a quirkiness infused original line featuring bold and versatile garments made of leather, Italian wool and crocodile skin textures. The collection included tailored jackets, tight-fitting trousers, strappy back tops and V-neck black gowns.

overdyeing and different tensions in one panel 2019-10-22

Yarns have rarely looked as spring-like, light and airy as in the recent Pinks, whites and blues set the lead in the colour panoply for a fresh look at 2014, which featured an explosion of invigorating yet elegant colour.Blues ranged from imperial blue to royal blue, from emerald tones to sky blue in several gradations expressed in many different fibres and yarns.This use of colour was an important influence already marked out in The Wool Labrsquo;s Wholesale Polyester Film Fiber Yarn Suppliers predictions for the season, where the newest lightweight yarns were seen transformed into fabrics, prints and technical blends, examined by the textile professionals who are discovering.

The Wool Lab as a great source of inspiration.New deeper brights with a more aggressive mix of clashing colours emerged with a strong prediction of influences from South America, anticipating the World Cup and China Wholesale Cashmere Yarn Suppliers the Olympics in Brazil.Jacquards were very strong, in graphic designs, such as the sails of a yacht floating on a textured blue with waves and ripples at Loro Piana. Fancy stitches added depth and texture, with many different knit media used together to demonstrate the yarns: embroidery, quilting, overdyeing and different tensions in one panel for instance, emphasising craft values.Very rarely was a yarn made from just one fibre. Some new collections included light wool yarns of different constructions, where wool was mixed with cashmere, viscose or silk.

Fine Merino joined the yarns of choice to interpret new spring/summer textures and designs.Olimpias introduced Cool Wool and blends, with Total Easy Care, in super-extrafine Merino. Extrafine and super-extrafine Merino was also blended with silk and cashmere for all season wear. At Zegna Baruffa extrafine lsquo;Brand Nnew Woolrsquo; at 12.5 microns also included a Total Easy Care package.Each season ever more complex yarns are twisted, dyed and manipulated into new looks.

Nature and technicality were mixed, natural textures joined by synthetics so that fine nylon microfibres or metallic Lurex yarns or tapes give an extra element to classics.Ultralight yarns were tightly twisted or knitted in tape form, imbued with mysterious colour effects. References to the plant world featured greens, inky blues, gloss and matt while printed, laminated and transparent effects gave ethereal looks.The abiding impression for 2014 was the incredible lightness of elegant blended yarns, and the sensual impact of pastels and optical whites.  [Załóż blog!] rssSubskrybuj blogi
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